Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who tracks your eyeballs!

Online Measurement has been trying to quantify information about the demographics, eye balls and track the paths being followed on the web. There are number of players offering various kinds of reports. One can easily get overwhelmed by looking at such voluminous reports (panels, tags, click-stream, census-level statistics...),  Following is the partial list of companies offering such services.

Online Measurement Companies

Media Planning Analytics, Advertising, Search Marketing, Media measurement
nielsen retail management, consumer research, media measurement. Like comscore it has offices in 100+ countries offering services for publisher , media and online business.
google's double click  Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Double click products for digital advertising.
quantcast offers free audience measurement solutions and reports for million web sites. Premium services for media and publishers
hitwise offers services for online marketing campaigns. In partnership with many ISPs. It offers an online service Lifestyle i.e. is an online customer segmentation and targeting tool that reveals the demographics, attitudes and behavioral characteristics of visitors to your website.
compete It claims to have profile of 2 million US consumers and offers API level services.
onestat Provides real-time web analytics to track visitor behavior, online advertising campaigns and to detect click fraud.
webtrends Offers on demand and analytics software (Analytics 10)
hitslink Website statistics and web analytics that offers many detailed statistics and reports
coremetrics Offers analytics software, owned by IBM.
omniture Web Analytics, Online Business Optimization, Search Management., now owned by Adobe Systems Inc.

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