Friday, September 9, 2011

Did you Yahoo?

I do remember there were days when Netscape Navigator was the default browser and Yahoo used to be the homepage. Well it was long long time ago :) Yahoo search and Yahoo directories were in frequent use. Those days have passed, a poor show in terms of innovation led to fall and fall of this company. The recent episode of firing Bartz, a many started questioning whether refusing the Microsoft billion dollar deal was the turning point in Yahoo history.

Now the billion dollar question is what Yahoo should do or is doing?  Yahoo search business is already being taken care by Microsoft Bing. Yahoo has been a flop show in Western and US markets. Perhaps it can stay in business or explore opportunities in Asian and Latin American countries. Mobile Tech Crunch reported that Yahoo is going to launch Android based Yahoo Phone in Japan. Already it has made alliance with Samsung and Nokia for its mobile business. It has shown interests in Hulu. There are chances Yahoo will try to diversify its business in video on demand kind of services.

Yahoo's search advertising business has been on decline. It may consolidate it and tries to focus on vertical markets which has domain based business needs. E.g. Google bought Zagat for the very similar business objective. Yahoo did have expertise and must regain its position.

Speed is important here, lest it should get sold in pieces!

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