Friday, October 7, 2016

Meet KiloCore: World's First 1000-core processor

Meet KiloCore: World's First 1000-core processor

Kilocore: Image Credits (UCLA, Davis)

Last June (2016), at 2016 VLSI Symposium at Honolulu, scientists of UCLA (Davis) unveiled the world’s first 1000-processor microchip, called KiloCore. It is capable of working through 1.78 trillion instructions every second. The chip contains 21 million transistors. IBM fabricated the Kilocore chip using their 32 nm CMOS technology and the project was sponsored by DRDO USA.

The microchip is energy efficient that it can run on a one AA battery. Each core processor is independently programmable and is 100 times more efficient than programs running on laptops or smartphones.

However, the KiloCore is primarily targeted for applications like wireless coding/decoding, video processing, encryption or applications require parallel data computing.

It is not evident that web-based application servers will have any benefit in immediate future but certainly the super-computing will take the leap.

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