Friday, August 14, 2015

Want To Send Self Destruct Mails... use DMail

Want To Send Self Destruct Mails... use DMail 

DMail Chrome Plugin to Self Destruct Message

Occasionally you want to send a mail and wish it should vanish within ten minutes or hours. Most common scenario is that you share some sensitive information with your friend and do not want that the mail should persist forever in your friend’s InBox. For GMail users the chrome plugin ‘DMail’ gives the solution.

Still available as free beta release, once you install the Chrome Extension it will allow you send self-destructing encrypted emails. You can set the self-destruct timer to an hour,a day or a week.

Other important feature it allows you to encrypt your messages and revoke access at your command. Once revoked the recipient would see the garbled message.

How Does DMail Works?

The FAQ section on Dmail site explains about its working. When a user sends mail, chrome extension encrypts the message and sends it to DMail server. The recipient receives the decryption key and link to the message. The recipient will click on the link to open the message in a new window. The DMail servers opens a new web window showing unencrypted or encrypted message as per the rights given. 

How DMail Works

If recipient has also installed the chrome extension it will see the message in Gmail. In case the sender revokes the message or it has been expired, the sender will see the message text in the mail body is updated to that the original message is no longer available.

Use Cases: DMail tries to best fit in a few practical scenarios such as

A user wants to share some sensitive information with his friends, co-workers etc.. eg Many a times you need to share your personal ID details with your accountants and lawyers while filing taxes, preparing lease agreements.
Websites sending password reset links, should self destruct in a day or say.
Sending Discount Coupon Codes in email, the discount offers will eventually expire after some time.

‘Recall Mail’ feature has been there already in mail servers like MS Exchange which primarily addresses corporate needs. I think DMail tries to provide somewhat similar feature to individuals or small business communities.

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