Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) uses fake SSL certificate

Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) uses fake SSL certificate

I never believed this. I tried to access https://secweb.rbi.org.in/BO/precompltindex.htm  and  got the following message.

It is really surprising, one of the biggest financial institution of India can do such type of mistake. I think their IT department must be fired immediately.

I must tell you the reason why I went to RBI website. My banker (Bank Of India - BOI) is refusing to issue FIRC letter. I tried to email BOI manager. His email account was full and my email bounced. Finally I told him on phone that his email account is full. He was not a tech savvy person and took his colleague's help to empty his InBox. Anyway, I didn't get my FIRC. I decided to talk to BOI nodal officer for this deficiency of service. I sent an email to BOI's  Delhi Zone Nodal Officer (to some Mr. Prasad as mentioned on BOI website). After two days, Google Mail server sent me timed out message. Finally I thought of contacting RBI and found this fake SSL issue. 
What should I say?
It reminds me of Ghalib' Sher "...Jahan har dal par ullu baitha hai to Anzam-e-gulistan kya hoga"

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