Sunday, October 30, 2011

Online Storage Services

 Online storage services facilitates access to your data from any net connected device (office computer, home PC or smart phone). The concept is almost decade old. The concept got lost during Internet bubble burst, the high bandwidth availability ( plus 3G) at cheap rates has revived it. There are a few good free options are available now.
The most famous among them is DROPBOX.COM, offering 2 GB free space. Its synchronization feature and simple interface like features gained popularity.

Another famous one is BOX.NET offers 5 to 5GB free space but puts a restriction of 25 MB to each file (for free sign up users).

IDRIVE offers shell interface with Windows Explorer and for other Desktop OS. It offers data backup, synchronization services as well.

NomaDesk which offers similar services but no free account. It offers trial account for backup, sync and sharing.

Microsoft too provides this service with the name SKYDRIVE. MS is aggressive now to make it part of cloud services in Windows 8 .

Well there are many players in this arena e.g. SPIDEROAK, LIVEDRIVE, ZUMODRIVE etc.

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