Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is Blekko the third best search Engine?

Blekko search engine came into limelight almost last year. Almost in parallel Google faced criticism for offering most of the search results were produced from Content Farms. Blekko claims the USP of her search engine is /slashtags which can filter content farms, spams and malware sites.Whether Blekko has better ranking than Google or Bing or not, I leave this decision to the research specialists, academicians...

Something interesting I find in Blekko is /seo slashtag. By querying a particular domain with /seo tag can tell site rank, link count pointing to the site, duplicate content of the website and websites using the same Adsense ID.

I queried /seo, page statistics and the co-hosted sites is quite a useful information. Try for other big shots :)

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Drei google-trends.