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Are Hatchimals the latest fads of 2016?

Are Hatchimals the latest fads of 2016?

Are Hatchimals the latest fads of 2016?
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Interactive toys sell more... In 90s the concept of virtual Pet emerged and became popular in 2001-02. Japan's Tamagotchi was an instant hit in 1996 around the globe. It was key chain size virtual pet game that comes with a black and white LCD screen.

Later many games and web sites came based on virtual pet theme. Now when adults are busy interactive with intelligent chat bots (Siri or Allo...), for toddlers (age 5 to 7) there is an incarnation of Tamagotchi like toy called Hatchimals. In past two months it has gained popularity worldwide and might become the most hot selling Christmas toy.

When the world's pedagogy is preaching toddlers how to foster 21st century skills i.e. creativity, collaboration, critical thinking (as if my toddler have to become Super Hero and saves the world). This toy simply teaches tenderness, love and care.

Hatchimals are some magical creatures that live inside of eggs Each egg has one of two Hatchimals. When kids love and patt and tap it, its eyes will light up and makes cute sounds.Once you have played with it enough, you see rainbow eyes that means its time to hatch.
To hatch you need to hold in your hand, and your touch encourages it to peck and come out out of the egg. Thus mimicking a lifetime experience!

Let's see how this battery operated adorable toy walks, talks, dances and play with your cutie pie(s).


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