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Start Your Online Book Keeping Services

Start Your Online Book Keeping Services

Start Your Online Book Keeping Services

Book Keeping and accountant services are something required by every business operation. A good book keeper can earn between 25,000 to 2 Lacs per month. The objective is to show your potential customer how you can help them in financial matters. Better managed accounting books help your customer in managing their financial matters. Most of the book keepers work through networking. Generally they work co-ordinate with Chartered Accountants who refer potential customers to book keepers. Unfortunately there is cut throat competition and you need to show that your book keeping services are much better. Making business online can help you offer better services and bring more customers.

How Can I become Certified Book keeper?

There are institutions like IIFCA , polytechnices like Delhi Government Polytechnic  offer Computer Accounting Certificate courses. They teach you computer basics, accounting basics, taxation, VAT and accounting software. For domestic clients learn TALLY or BUSY accounting software. For international clients, learn about Quicken or Quick books.

What do I need to start basic book keeping services?

  1. A computer or a laptop and licensed copy of TALLY or BUSY Accounting Software, 
  2. A flat bed scanner and small laser printer. 
  3. Office area, furniture, calculator etc. 
  4. Telephone and internet connection (email account).

What services can I offer from my Website?

A web site will help you present your services that appeal to your potential customers. An informative web site help you connecting to your customer and building up your business. Your web site should have your profile, testimonials, contact address (email, phone etc.) and services offered. In general a book keeper provides following services:

  • Entry Of Transactions
  • Journal Entry
  • Ledger Maintenance (Assets, Expense, General Ledger etc)
  • Account Payable/Receivables services
  • Account Reconciliation (Bank, Credit card etc.)
  • Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement
  • Other Reports

In addition a professional book keeper provides file management and scanning services also. Paperless solution are few innovative services preferred by customers.

Your website can also provide secure file upload services to work with remote clients. Customers upload scanned copies of invoices, financial sheets etc. to a secure shared location. Book keeper updates the books, upload updated data files and reports to the shared location. 

How do I charge my customers?

You can customize your services as per the business needs and charge accordingly. In general, book keeper offer the following pricing models:

  • Hourly Charging
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Book Keeping
  • Full charge accounting (tied up along with chartered accountant)

Key To Success

Trust and integrity are the key mantras to succeed in book keeping business. Customers prefer honest and transparent book keepers. They prefer short turn around services. You should take genuine interest in your customer business and should care about whether do well or not. Confidentiality and safety of client's data are very important to your customer. Your must provide physical, administrative and technical safe measures to ensure data safety.

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