Thursday, January 17, 2013

Want a private secure Facebook - Yammer is the answer.

The fun side of Internet is old and new business models keeps of emerging as new incarnations. Facebook has been the flagship in the arena of social networking. Since its birth, it is liked and hated both. Facebook fills the space of individual social and consumer networking. On the other had Yammer comes with an idea which Facebook could have failed to realize earlier.

Yammer is a social network but there is a big difference. It is for an organization or a company. Its like a company having its own private Facebook and Twitter account. Yammer provides similar kind of social networking experience and support following features(See detailed features list at Yammer site):

❶ Client App is available almost in all platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Blackberry, Android)
❷ You can collaborate and share your files, links, photos etc. with anyone in the company. You can collaborate with your external customers and vendors (support for external network).
❸ You can organize people, documents etc. into groups and can assign rights.
❹ Pinup, Track and Monitor  your queries and other information.
❺ Connect with other platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics etc.

Seeing its enterprise market potential, Yammer has been bought by Microsoft.
Yammer offers various pricing model. Sign up and Try it free!

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