Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best Free Software You don't want to miss

Best Free Software 
You don't want to miss!
Best Free Software You don't want to miss

1. VLC Player: Open source cross platform multimedia player. Can play almost all kinds of multimedia including youtube videos.

2: Free Audio Extractor: Gksoft's audio extractor lets to extract or convert  entire or part of audio file from video formats (flv, mp4, mov, wma ...)

3. Irfanview Image viewer: Perhaps one of the most popular image viewer. Supports almost all kinds of image or multimedia formats.

4. GIMP and Paint.Net: Best alternatives to Photoshop or Corel Paint. Powerful support for various plugins.

5. SuperAntiSpyware: Free tool to detect and clean rootkits, spywares, trojans, keyloggers etc.

6. ISOBuddy: Wamt to convert any CD image format (ISO, CCD, BIN, NRG, DMG etc.) to ISO format, ISOBuddy is here to help you.

7. Picasa: One of the best photo management tool.

8.  Weezo: It turns your PC into a secure web server. You can share files with your friends and remote access your PC.

9: Family Tree Builder: A nice genealogy software to build your family tree. My Family Tree is another good one.

10. Virtual Box: Alternative to vmware in case you want to run guest operating systems in virtualized way.
11. Google Earth: Explore the world in 3D imagery.

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