Friday, June 22, 2012

Want to develop HTML5 games?

Opportunities like eggs don't come but one at a time. But here we have twins! HTML5 + JavaScript  is going to be lethal combo! Though still evolving, its multimedia feature set provides an opportunity to develop an interactive and rich content games.

Meanwhile a few game engines have evolved based on HTML5+JS providing gaming features like collision detection, physics engine, WebGL support. Here is the list of a few that you can try to develop your own games for web and for mobile too.

limejs: provides HTML5 framework for touchscreen and desktop browsers.

ImpactJS: Not a freeware. Probably most popular among the list. Supports most of the browsers both on mobile and desktop.

ThreeJS: One of the popular Javascript 3D library.

SnechaJS: It provides more than a game engine. UI framework, Charting solutions. Giving serious threat to Adobe Flex.

Crafty: Small sized provided nice set of gaming features.

Construct2 from Scirra: Another commercial one

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