Thursday, May 31, 2012

Build your own low cost

You are a teacher or running a small tuition bureau or a school. You want to build an educational website and offer e-learning courses to your students. Moodle is here for you. 
Moodle is a course management system and offers a bundle of nice features.
One of the big advantage is that it is open-source (built using PHP 5.3.2, MySQL 5.0.25). 

It provides a variety of tools to manage and present music, speech, video, group chats, quizzes, assignment submission. It offers nice editor (+equation editor) to prepare course content.

Offers separate accounts for administrator, manager, course creator, teachers and students.

Students can interact with other courses, lessons, attempt quizzes and submit assignments.

You may read Moodle Documentation and download it from here

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