Saturday, November 3, 2007

Will Solid State Drives take over Hard Disk Drives?

Solid State Drive (SSD) or flash memory, this storage medium has gained popularity in last few years. It is now interesting to watch will SSDs take over and replace the Hard Drives (HDDs) in coming time. In comparison to Hard Disks, SSDs are much lighter, consume less power and faster in access. There is one downside of SSD i.e. data recovery (platters of HDD vs solid state semi-conductors in SSD).

I see some changes will start to happen both in Hardware and Software terms. PDAs, iPODs, Mobiles and laptops would be the best candidates for solid state drives. Softwares (specially access drivers) will now be re-wtached/re-written to take advantage of faster access mechanism of flash memory (vs access mechanism based on sectors and tracks in HDDs).

There is nice coverage about SSD on Wiki

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